Retail Products

We provide Red Rice, Black Rice, Brown Rice and White Rice.  Our organic rice have been certified Organic, sourcing from the best farmers group with strict quality control, double sorted.
  • Mungbean Flour  (450gr)
  • Soybean Flour (450gr)
  • Tempe Flour (450gr)
  • Banana Flour (450gr)
  • Purple Sweet Potato Flour (450gr)
  • Tapioca Flour (450gr)
  • Modified Cassava Flour (Mocaf) (450gr)
  • Canna Eduliers Ker. (450gr)
  • Arrowroot Starch (450gr)
  • Organic Rice Flour (450gr)
  • Organic Brown Rice Flour (450gr)
  • Organic Red Rice Flour (450gr)
  • Organic Black Rice Flour (450gr)

  • Gluten-Free Cake Flour (450gr)
  • Gluten-Free Cookies Flour (450gr)
  • Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour (450gr)

  • Mushroom Stock Powder (50gr)
  • Mushroom Stock Powder with Salt & Sugar (50gr)

  • Mineral Bath Salt (400gr)
  • Natural Sea Salt (400gr)

  • Organic Coconut Sugar – Granule 450gr
  • Palm Sugar – Granule 450gr

Dried Butterfly Pea Flower (10gr)