Single Ingredient Flour

Modified Cassava Flour

We develop cassava as a local agriculture products and empower cassava farmers who grow it. Modified Cassava Flour (Mocaf) is gluten-free made from cassava which is modified through a fermentation process to remove cyanide in cassava and makes mocaf is easily digested when it is consumed. This fermentation technique also makes this flour easier to apply to make various types of food such as noodles, cakes, and bread. Sidatani Mocaf can be a gluten-free flour option which is rich in starch content.

We always prioritize quality in every production stage, striving to provide the best products. Starting from the selection of raw materials, maintenance of facilities and infrastructures, supervision of the production process to the packaging process. In our effort to maintain the customer trust and satisfaction, We already had food distribution permit and food hygiene certification including BPOM, Halal-MUI, PIRT, HACCP

Shelf Life
Nett Weight
Production Capacity
: 100% Cassava
: 24 months (2 years)
: Plastic Bag and Sack
: 25 Kgs /Bag
: 17 MT (Negotiable)
: 50 MT /month

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